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Protection from foul weather

Pouring rain, frost and icy winds: In winter, weather protection is indispensable. Additives and building protection products from Evonik ensure that clothing stays dry and buildings are protected from the weather.

People who spend a lot of time outdoors in bad weather have high expectations of their clothing, which has to withstand wind, rain, cold, and dirt. The additive TEGOTEX® RT from Evonik is such an all-rounder. It gives fabrics the dirt- and water-repellent properties that are essential in foul weather. Thanks to TEGOTEX® RT, functional clothing not only stays dry, but also clean. Soiling can usually be removed without washing. If the garment does have to go into the washing machine, the additive ensures that the repellent function is retained. TEGOTEX® RT 2033 and TEGOTEX® RT 2040 are tailor-made solutions for formulations in the textile industry. They can be used for man-made fibers and fabrics as well as for cotton. Both products do not require fluorocarbon due to their unique structure of a modified siloxane. By eliminating environmentally harmful fluoropolymers, TEGOTEX® RT also supports sustainability.

In addition to textiles, buildings must also withstand moisture. Moss and algae form on facades during precipitation and high humidity. If water and road salt penetrate walls, cracks and paint flaking are the result. Evonik's Protectosil® building protection agent extends the service life of buildings: Protectosil® BHN provides a water-repellent impregnation. After application, a colorless, water-vapor-permeable sealant forms which efficiently prevents water penetration and corrosion of structural elements. Like a breathable rain jacket, Protectosil® BHN provides protection and creates a dry and healthy climate inside.