Look Into The Past

Punch Cards For Data Processing

In 1925, six employees at Evonik worked with punch cards to record data. Today, modern business platforms handle millions of processes.

Subsequent Degussa boss, Hermann Schlosser, made a trip to the USA in 1924 and discovered the ultimate information technology process: Electronic data processing with punch cards in the Powers system. From 1925 onwards, Degussa deployed Powers devices, which you can see in the picture above from that year. It all began with six employees, two punch machines and two sorting machines. In 1939, this had grown to 20 employees and 24 devices; by 1950, it was 42 devices. From 1960, the company began the step-by-step switch to fully electronic data processing and this was completed by 1967. Today, information technology has made it possible to use data when on the move. At Evonik, the company has set up efficient, standard structures such as the business platforms OneERP and OneBW that can handle millions of processes.

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