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Sleeping well

Polyurethane foam additives from Evonik ensure people get a good rest on flexible foam mattresses.

As the saying goes, you make the bed that you lie in — and the right mattress plays a major role in ensuring a good night’s sleep. Viscoelastic mattresses made of polyurethane (PU) foam provide for a restful and healthy sleep thanks to their special features that adapt to our bodies and individual sleeping positions. PU additives from Evonik also play a key role in ensuring that people get a good night’s sleep on foam mattresses.

Although the Polyurethane foam additives from Evonik might only make up at most 2 percent of the final product in a flexible foam mattress, they play an essential role in its comfort. Due to their cell-stabilizing and regulating properties, they ensure that the mattress gently embraces the body. Foam mattresses gently mold to the body under pressure and heat, thereby providing comfort and relief. What’s more, they aren’t just soft — they are also very lightweight and therefore easy to carry to the bedroom and rotate during making the bed and cleaning. Foam is one of the best materials for insulating mattresses as it stays cool and retains warmth.

Evonik is a global market leader in polyurethane additives. The Comfort & Insulation Business Line of the Speciality Additives division supplies additives for applications in many areas of our everyday lives. They aren’t just found in mattresses, but also in car interiors, upholstery material, as well as used to insulate refrigerators and keeping the heat in our homes and buildings, plus many more applications. “It’s not just additives that we offer. We also go far beyond that, supporting our customers with our deep knowledge of chemical design, production processes, application know-how and the key industry trends such as new regulations or the latest consumer demands,” says Ralph Marquardt, head of Comfort & Insulation Business Line.

Applied technology laboratories in Europe, North and South America, and Asia are constantly developing new formulations for customers. “Our goal is to support our customers with our application know-how to deliver the performance that their markets demand, while at the same time ensuring the reliable supply of our products. We build and develop long-term relationships working closely with our customers and are proud to set the standards for our entire industry,” said Marquardt.

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