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Spooked out

Thanks to raw materials and formulations from Evonik, Halloween makeup—whether for the palest of vampires or blood-red zombies—can be removed gently. So face lotions and cleansing emulsions hold no terrors even for sensitive spirits.

When it comes to Halloween, the scarier and more elaborate the costume, the better. But of course, the more make-up that is applied during the day, the more that must be removed again at night. Any powder, blush, etc. that is left on the skin overnight will block the pores. The results are undesirable blackheads and spots. Besides the make-up residue, negative environmental factors such as exhaust particles or everyday dust tend to accumulate on the skin.

To protect the skin from these factors, Evonik’s Care Solutions Business Line offers a range of cosmetic ingredients. One example is the raw materials for micellar water. This facial water is currently enjoying great popularity in the cosmetics market. Well-known manufacturers are developing new products based on micelles. These are aggregates of small surfactant molecules that contain both water- and oil-attracting ingredients. When you apply some micellar water to a cotton pad and clean your face, the water-attracting ingredients remain in the pad while the oil‑attracting ingredients remove the make-up residues and impurities from the skin. Micellar water is especially suitable for mild cleansing in the eye area. For more extensive make-up removal, facial washes are the best solution.

The broad product range supplied by Evonik’s Care Solutions Business Line consists of emulsifiers, secondary surfactants, synthetically and enzymatically manufactured cosmetic oils, conditioning agents, thickeners, and numerous active ingredients. In formulations for creams, lotions, shower gels, shampoos or conditioners, they all make a significant contribution to the product’s consistency, effect, and sensory properties. And not only at Halloween either.

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