Occupational and plant safety

Protecting the health and employability of our employees, and preventing accidents and incidents at work, in the operation of our production facilities, during transportation and on the way to and from work are of central importance to Evonik. We take an all-round approach to safety, covering employees, their working situation, products and the general working environment.

In the Evonik Group this is ensured by globally valid guidelines and operating procedures that are firmly anchored in an integrated management system. Observance of these rules is monitored via a central audit system. We analyze incidents carefully so we can learn from them.

Our binding targets and key performance indicators are used to check implementation of the requirements and identify the need for further action. The relevant parameters are accident frequency/severity as an indicator of occupational safety and incident frequency/severity as an indicator of plant safety.

Our crisis and incident management ensures that in the event of accidents and incidents everything is done to prevent and limit damage.

In order to ensure high safety standards for every plant wordwide, our operating units are supported by safety experts of the Global Process Safety Competence Center (GPSC). Here, our experts regularly and comprehensively analyze the process parameters and develop safety concepts for the plants. The experts examine the behavior of the operating personnel as well as the safe functioning of the technical installations. The GPSC experts closely work together with the operating personnel, engineers and chemists to take into consideration their knowledge and experience.

The GPSC is operating globally with increasing presence at sites in Germany, China and the U.S.A. From there, big investments projects are supported from the first planning phase until the start-up. Also, the safety concepts of existing plants are checked and updated worldwide.