Sustainability Analyses

We respond to the growing interest of our stakeholders in sustainability with comprehensive transparency and well-founded analyses. In doing so, we take into account ecological, social and economic effects in order to arrive at a holistic assessment of our sustainability performance.

Analyses for measurability of sustainability

Types of Analysis

Questions addressed

Sustainability Analysis of our Business

What are the strengths and weaknesses

of our business

of the products in our portfolio with regard

to sustainability requirements?

What economically viable measures help us

reduce the carbon footprint of our products?

(Inside-out perspective)

Evonik Carbon Footprint

What is the annual carbon footprint

of the entire Evonik Group?

(Inside-out perspective)

Life Cycle Assessments 

What are the environmental impacts resul-

ting from the production of our products

(cradle-to-gate), including their application

by our customers (cradle-to-grave)?

(Inside-out perspective)

Analysis to determine which Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are relevant for Evonik

Which products and solutions for our

Sustainable Development Goals customers address

the challenges facing are relevant for Evonik

society? How do we contribute to meeting

the 17 SDGs?

(Outside-in perspective)

Impact Valuation

What positive and negative impacts do our

business activities have on the environment

and society?

(Outside-in perspective)

Supply Chain Analysis

From the perspective of our stakeholders

what opportunities and risks are associated

with our products in their respective value


(Outside-in perspective)