Investor Relations


Products to increase Sustainability

Evonik's innovative products, systems and solutions enhance sustainable development and the company works closely with customers to build on this. Market-oriented research and development play an important role. Here you can find examples of Evonik's resource-saving products and solutions.

More power, less fuel

DYNAVIS® technology by Evonik targets the lifeblood of construction equipment—hydraulic fluid.

Animal Feed

In a joint venture Evonik and DSM are producing an algal oil that offers the aquaculture industry an alternative and reliable source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Ingredients for the cosmetic industry

Sustainability and naturalness are key success factors in the cosmetic industry. More and more consumers actively include climate protection and careful use of resources in their purchasing decisions.

Not just any white powder

This film takes you inside Evonik's silica business and showcases where silicon dioxide makes our everyday lives more livable. For more stability, transparency, and cleanliness - silica gets everyday items just right.

Efficient Gas Separation with Sepuran®

Membranes from Evonik upgrade biogas, generated from renewable raw materials, simply and efficiently.

Environmentally friendly separation of heavy metals

The use of heavy metals is anavoidable in numerous branches of industry and industrial appllications. The result: Heavy metal limits can't be achieved.