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Evonik is revolutionizing the medical sector with resilient and adaptable plastic implants.

VESTAKEEP® PEEK plastic materials are setting new standards for applications in medicine. The Evonik implants withstand high mechanical stress in the body such as sport activities and, in addition to their durability, light weight, and thermal conductivity, they are very comfortable for the user. Patients are less susceptible to temperature fluctuations, for example. Physicians praise the transparency of the material. This enables precise insertion of the implant and accurate monitoring of the healing process.

With these properties, VESTAKEEP® PEEK comfortably outperforms the previous materials used for implants such as titanium, stainless steel, and cobalt-chromium. More and more patients are now receiving PEEK implants.

Evonik has developed a certified product portfolio that satisfies the quality, process, and performance criteria of the medical industry. The materials can easily be processed in an injection molding or extrusion process and they have a low water absorption capacity. In contrast to metals, plastics are neutral with regard to x-ray and magnetic fields since they do not generate artifacts in these diagnosis procedures. This means that patients with PEEK implants can receive MRT scans and x-rays without any problems.

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