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TEGOTEX® products for protective face masks

Suitable for the three-layer face masks currently being worn across the globe, our TEGOTEX® specialties provide the hydrophobic and the hydrophilic properties needed to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Protecting people by improving the efficiency of face masks with TEGOTEX®

Since 1847, Evonik and its predecessor companies’ products have supported formulators all over the world to equip fabrics with desired chemical and mechanical properties. Now, following in-house laboratory testing and successful field trials in Spain, India and Bangladesh, TEGOTEX® specialties have shown they offer the hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties needed for three-layered fabric face masks to protect and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 and other aerosol-spread viruses.

Today, as people all over the world remain deeply concerned about their health and the economic impact of COVID-19, while continuing with their everyday lives, they are focusing more on personal safety equipment, like using face masks. The WHO recommended, three-layer face masks are built using an outer, synthetic layer that is fluid-resistant, followed by a middle layer made of a synthetic material e.g. polypropylene and a comfortable, skin-friendly, absorbent layer which is worn closest to the face and made of a non-woven fabric e.g. cotton.

After rigorous testing at our labs in Essen, and in field trials with textile producers, TEGOTEX® RT 2033 and TEGOTEX® RT 2040 with their hydrophobic and repellency properties provide the mask’s outer layer material with a barrier effect to prevent bacteria and virus contaminated aerosols. In addition, TEGOTEX® CS and TEGOTEX® MS specialties can ensure the hydrophilic property of the non-woven fabric inner layer of the mask absorb fluids. At the same time, it also provides the softness and comfort needed for people to wear.

With sample products tested and approved by textile auxiliaries formulators, we are working with German institutes and the regional mask manufacturers to help the communities during this pandemic situation.