The Evonik brand

Creative, competent, reliable, and future-oriented: Our brand is much more than a name and a striking color.

The Evonik brand distinguishes us from our competitors not only in terms of appearance but also, and above all, in terms of content. It sums up who we are and what makes us special. It epitomizes the history of Evonik and its predecessor companies—which is characterized by a spirit of invention, engineering skill, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Evonik is the creative industrial group from Germany. Powerful and state-of-the- art. With a vision of the future. Bold and resolute.

Through our brand, we make a promise to our customers: Power to Create. When we keep this promise again and again through our top performance, it creates trust—the foundation of lasting business relationships and sustained success. That’s why it’s so important to make sure our brand is actively expressed throughout the Group. Day after day.

What we stand for

We Evonik employees have incredible abilities. We make more than 4,000 different special products. We are equally familiar with the requirements of the automotive industry, renewable energy sources, and personal care products. Although our skills are extremely multifaceted, they can be divided into four core competences. This concentration gives the Evonik brand a distinct profile, which we use in our communication. Creativity is Evonik’s most important core competence— because without creativity we could not develop any new solutions. But creativity alone is not enough to generate success. It’s the combination of all four core competences that makes Evonik a “dream partner” for its customers: creative, competent, reliable, and future-oriented all at the same time.