The Internet of Chickens

Evonik pursues a holistic, data and knowledge-based approach to optimizing health, animal well-being, and productivity in the poultry farm. To this end the company is now linking its competency in animal nutrition with modern digital technologies.

The chicken farm of the future is fully digitalized. It uses intelligent sensors and integrated systems to generate optimal climate conditions. Animal health is continuously monitored: What does the clucking say about the mood in the barn? Is the flock’s body temperature at a normal level? Are the animals eating and drinking enough? Sensors and microphones provide information, while specialized software analyzes the collected data. In the event of questions and problems, a support system comprising self-learning artificial intelligence components can help. Consumers get access to data as well: A wealth of important information creates transparency about animal farming, breeding, and slaughtering.

It will most likely take some more time to establish these conditions, but the researchers and developers of Evonik have already started to work on the Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) system for poultry. The term stands for the use of digital technologies to gather knowledge and data in order to develop effective recommendations with verifiable benefits. Therefore, the company plans to dig deep into data—its own, those of scientific studies, and those of customers. The vision is this: The Evonik PLF system will give meat producers precise information about the current condition of the animals in a flock and their development.

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