Picture: shutterstock/Supoj Pongpanchar
Picture: shutterstock/Supoj Pongpanchar
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The pleasure of coffee – with a little help from Evonik

Getting coffee just right is a science in itself. Whether hand-ground and poured-over, freshly brewed in a coffeemaker, or as a refreshing beverage from the refrigerated section – all coffee drinkers have their own preferences. This is all the more true on October 1st, World Coffee Day.

Coffee is Germany’s favorite beverage: The average German consumes some 165 liters of coffee a year, more than two cups a day, which makes the fragrant brew even more popular than beer (100 liters).

According to the German Coffee Association, coffee is most commonly enjoyed at home, but every fourth cup of coffee is consumed outside the home – usually at work. As it turns out, Evonik also employs quite a few coffee lovers: Evonik Catering Services, which operates staff cafeterias, orders some 16.5 tons of ground coffee and beans every year.

Filtered coffee is the most popular variant of the hot beverage by far, followed by cappuccino, latte macchiato and other, more adventurous variants. When there is no time and opportunity to brew fresh coffee, instant coffee or cappuccino, which is stirred into hot water, offers a viable alternative. Special anti-caking agents keep such powders from clumping and ensure they dissolve quickly. Evonik's specialty silicas approved for food contact, such as AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT®, coat the powder particles and help them flow with greater ease. AEROSIL® therefore enables the exact dosing needed for pure enjoyment.

Iced coffee is a particular delight in the summer, and cold-brew coffee beverages from the refrigerated section have become trendy choices over the past years. To keep the drinks fresh as long as possible, manufacturers rely on OXTERIL®, another gently effective product from Evonik. Dipping the empty bottles into ultrapure hydrogen peroxide removes all pathogens that might otherwise spoil the product much sooner. No residues of OXTERIL® remain on the packaging so that the coffee can be packaged safely and sterilely.

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