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In addition to consuming materials, corrosion also eats away at your wallet—damage worldwide is the billions of US dollars. Solutions from Evonik protect structures from premature deterioration.

What do metal, concrete, glass, and plastic have in common? Corrosion is a serious problem for all of them. Studies have shown that damage around the world adds up to several billion US dollars, which corresponds to more than 3% of global GNP. Taking appropriate protective measures would bring these costs down to a significant degree.

Zinc-rich paints, for example, are the material of choice for long-term protection against corrosion in situations where other coatings reach their limits. The zinc dust in the paint forms a fine film on the surfaces of steel structures such as bridges, industrial plants, and utility poles, providing anodic protection from corrosion. Developed at Evonik, Dynasylan SIVO 140® is a water-based binder for anticorrosion coatings that is exceptionally good for the environment and easy to process.

Instead of steel reinforcements, future concrete structures could also be reinforced with polymer-based composite materials, which are not susceptible to corrosion. That could reduce the thickness requirements for the concrete cover, not only cutting construction costs, but also lowering CO2 emissions by reducing the amount of materials needed to be transported. Plus, the surface area and/or urban space that this would free up would also make structures more economical. VESTAMIN® R 215, a diamine curing agent from Evonik, was developed precisely for this purpose.

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