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Spring is in the air!

We can finally start exercising outdoors again

Warmer temperatures entice us outdoors. And, often, Evonik is there too - whether it’s in light and flexible sports shoes, bicycle rims or functional clothing.

The winter is over: Temperatures are rising, flowers are starting to bloom and we’re starting to get outdoors again. Doing some exercise outside in the fresh air and we’re revitalized. But we need the right equipment. Sunglasses, drinking bottles, functional clothing and the right sports shoes are important. And our bikes, too, that have spent the winter months in the basement.

Scratch-resistant view

Evonik makes your spring gear lighter, more stable, more flexible, and more sustainable. For example, sunglasses made of high performance plastics such as Evonik’s TROGAMID® are especially resistant. Heat, sand, dust, creams or mechanical stress caused by falls have no effect - they are virtually indestructible. At the same time, the material is flexible, it can be given any color and it allows for highly delicate processing.

All-round talent for the feet

It is important to have the right running shoes to support the interaction of muscles, knees and foot joints. The shoe should be stable but also flexible, well cushioned and light, and it must be able to withstand environmental influences such as rain and dirt. Evonik’s high-performance material VESTAMID® enables running shoes to become all-round talents.


An excellent alternative to running is cycling. And the lighter the bike, the more fun it is. With its ROHACELL® rigid foams, Evonik makes bicycle rims ultra-light and robust and thus optimal for bike racers.

Comfortable and functional

Whether you’re running or cycling, functional clothing is much more comfortable than regular apparel. Functional clothing made of VESTAMID® Terra is breathable, comfortable, and tear-resistant. It is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Evonik has succeeded in developing a range of bio-based polymers from renewable raw materials, and the polymers can be processed to manufacture high-tech textile fibers. The long-lasting, natural bacteriostatic properties of the materials help to reduce odors.

Trendy thirst quencher

When you’re having fun, it’s easy to forget to drink enough. The LUDAVI drink bottle is the ideal companion for all sports fans. Designed using Evonik’s transparent biopolymer TROGAMID® Terra, the product looks great and the materials boast outstanding properties which make it almost unbreakable.

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