We live diversity!

People from 98 different nationalities are working for Evonik - across the world. 

A global team

More ideas, more innovation, more potential—diversity brings with it many benefits. Which is why Evonik promotes it in the Group — be it nationality, gender, age or educational background.

At Evonik, diversity is firmly embedded in the corporate culture. The aim is to recognize diversity among employees, appreciate it and make specific use of it. Each and every employee should be fostered according to their abilities. At the same time, Evonik hopes that this will increase the potential for new ideas and innovations and enhance the company’s competitiveness.

Creativity through diversity

So that we are able to react quickly and effectively to developments in the market, our employees from a wide range of countries and specialist areas come together to analyze the impact of new technologies on the market. Then, together, they come up with new business models in order to tap into other markets and target groups across the globe.

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