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We make mobility environmentally friendly

European car manufacturers will be required to lower the average CO2 emissions of their vehicles to below 95 gram per kilometer by 2020. Alternative drive concepts and lightweight automotive design will contribute to greater sustainability in the transport sector.

What we are doing:

Innovative products by Evonik make cars lighter, more environmentally friendly and economical. Our custom-made materials put alternative drive concepts on the road.

Our AEROXIDE® fumed metal oxides increase the safety and service life of lithium ion batteries. For example, they improve thermal stability in coatings and optimize the mechanical properties of battery separators to turn batteries into key components of electric mobility.

Cooling liquids in lines made of VESTAMID® polyamide 12 ensure effective thermal control, so that the battery, electric motor and other high-performance components do not overheat. Cooling systems based on this high performance polymer are 30 to 50 percent lighter than those made of aluminum and rubber.

Our VESTAMIN® amine hardener is used, e.g., in the construction of pressure tanks for cars with a natural gas drive. It ideally combines the concept of lightweight design (to move away from steel bottles or tanks) with the trend to use alternative and more CO2 efficient drives such as natural gas drives.

Composite and hybrid materials are solutions of choice wherever weight savings and high load capacities are needed. Products by Evonik, such as VESTALITE® for high-performance composite components based on epoxy and polyurethane plastics or structured ROHACELL® foam as the core of fiber-plastic composites are in increasing demand. By replacing heavy metal parts in vehicles, they become important levers for greater resource efficiency and reducing emissions.

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