10 years ago - 2008

Crossing the Atlantic with high performance

Shorter delivery times and enhanced customer service: 10 years ago, Evonik responded to the increased demand for high-performance rigid foam by building a new production facility for ROHACELL® at its Mobile site.

In 2008, Evonik made the leap across the Atlantic with ROHACELL®. A new manufacturing facility for the high-performance rigid foam made of polymethacrylimide, a specialty polymer for the manufacture of rigid foam and hard plastic, opened at the U.S. site in Mobile as the first production site outside of Europe. With the construction of the new plant, Evonik responded to increased demand in North America and brought ROHACELL® closer to customers.

As a core material, ROHACELL® Is used in so-called sandwich constructions, layered composites of individual components that are typically combined with carbon fiber-reinforced cover layers. Overall, 2008 was an extremely successful year for the rigid foam. Thanks to its virtually limitless applications, it conquered the Japanese market and was used in the front and cockpit of the Shinkansen high-speed train. ROHACELL® also was part of structural components in the “Flying Phoenix,” the first passenger aircraft fully produced in China.

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