60 Years of CyPlus Plant in Wesseling

CyPlus, a subsidiary of Evonik, has the leading role in sustainability. The production plant and an innovative packaging and logistics concept meet the highest global safety and environmental standards.

CyPlus GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Evonik, has reason to celebrate. The cyanide production plant has been in operation at the Wesseling site for 60 years and cyanides have been produced here for roughly 130 years. Plenty of time to gain extensive experience and build expertise—a major advantage for its customers.

CyPlus offers its customers technologies and services covering the entire cyanide life cycle. Cyanides are used in a variety of industries: In precious metal mining, they are used for extracting gold and silver from ores. They are also used in chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates and in the surface treatment of metals.

CyPlus production facilities meet the highest global safety and environmental standards, not least thanks to the company’s decades of experience. “Our top priority is not only the safety of our employees, but also our responsibility for the environment and society,” says Stefan Welbers, the general manager of CyPlus GmbH. “Safety, from production to handling at customer sites and disposal, is an integral part of our business practices. CyPlus is an expert partner for its customers that provides support and handles cyanides responsibly.” The company’s portfolio includes established transport and logistics concepts, customer training on the safe handling of cyanide, as well as technology and service products for the whole cyanide life cycle.

In order to expand its services and enhance safety, a cyanide filling station for CyPlus® Solid-to-Liquid System containers was successfully launched in Wesseling in 2010. At the filling station, 20,000 kg of solid sodium cyanide (NaCN) are filled into specially equipped ISO containers for shipping to the customer. The system enables the product to be shipped safely by road and rail.

CyPlus is also striving to be closer to its customers worldwide. Starting in 2016, the company began manufacturing cyanide for the local market at a plant located in Mexico as part of a joint venture with the Mexican company Grupo Idesa. Both production facilities have been successfully certified in accordance with ICMC (International Cyanide Management Code) standards. CyPlus is one of the founding members of the ICMC. This code stipulates guidelines for manufacturing, transporting and using cyanides safely in the gold and silver mining industry.

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