Tim Kowollik, completes an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic.
Tim Kowollik, completes an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic.

My professional training

Metal-fan Industrial Mechanic

Done with school – now what? Tim Kowollik talks about his apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic at Evonik in Germany.

As part of a career guidance project at school, one of Tim Kowollik’s teachers talked to him about becoming an industrial mechanic. And following an internship at the Krefeld site, Kowollik knew for sure: Training in this job is just what I want to do. “I really enjoyed the opportunity to make and refurbish things with metal,” he said. He applied to several companies, received a few offers, and decided to join Evonik. Since 2016, he has been learning his trade while turning, grinding, welding; and milling various metals while attending classes at a vocational school. Having spent his first year in the training workshop in Essen, he is spending the whole of the second year in the different plants in Krefeld. There he works on constructing and repairing containers, pipelines, pumps, and metal frames. Mr. Kowollik especially enjoys working in pipeline construction: “We’re not just fixing things, I also get to make new components.”

About the apprenticeship:

Evonik offers this apprenticeship in Darmstadt, Hanau, Lülsdorf, Rheinfelden, Wesseling, Worms, Essen and Krefeld.

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