Brand Partner Borussia

BVB Asiatour 2017

BVB bewitches Asia

Asia welcomes the black and yellows! Just like last year, our brand partner BVB headed off to the Far East again. And the Evonik offices in Tokyo, Japan, and in Guangzhou, China, were also on the itinerary. Here are some impressions from the two countries.



Strong brand bonding

The link between BVB and Evonik Industries goes back to 2006. At that time Borussia Dortmund was in a phase of reorganization on both the business and sporting fronts. Evonik concluded the first sponsoring agreement with BVB to help establish the new Evonik corporate brand. The targets were initially directed toward raising brand awareness for the new Group at the national level in Germany. The sponsoring project has since developed into a highly successful long-term partnership.