YNWA-Blog #15

This time with feeling - Back in Vienna

The last time our film team visited the Austrian metropole, we took some outside shots, now we're back again: In Vienna, we scale the heights with actress Mavie Hörbiger.

Back in the world of the theater: Joachim Król visits actress Mavie Hörbiger in Vienna's venerable Burgtheater, where she is part of the ensemble. Some years ago, she herself played the part of Julie's friend Marie in "Liliom." The production back then starred the Viennese actor, Nicholas Ofczarek, as the suburban rogue "Liliom."

Despite the impressive surroundings of the foyer of the Burgtheater, we don't stay for long. We go outside to the tram stop which we remember from our last visit. We take Line 1 in the direction of Prater – headed for the Ferris wheel once more.

The historical cabins of the Vienna Ferris wheel are quite big but with the two actors and a five-man film team plus their equipment packed in, space is at a premium. The team with director André Schäfer, first and second camera, soundman and assistant director set up their equipment as the Ferris wheel slowly begins to move. It takes approximately twelve minutes to go around once as the wheel stops continuously to let the passengers on and off.

Enough time for Joachim Król and Mavie Hörbiger to chat about the theater and soccer. Yes, Mavie Hörbiger has been a big soccer fan since childhood - even if she's not a Dortmund fan: Growing up in Munich, she went with her father to watch Bayern Munich from an early age. But time flies when you're having fun and the time passes so quickly that we need another revolution of the wheel to finish the interview. All in all, with the beautiful weather and the view from above the city, our return visit to Vienna has been a real pleasure.