"You'll never walk alone": Blog on the Film Project

We join actor Joachim Król on a trail to discover the origin of the football anthem. Evonik, BVB’s main sponsor, is supporting the documentary film project.

The documentary film "You'll never walk alone" will retell and bring alive the story of the football anthem. Joachim Król, an avid football fan as well as an actor, will narrate the film, which will be shot in various locations in Europe and the U.S. We’ll be reporting on the shooting in this blog.

„You’ll Never Walk Alone“ is a Florianfilm production, supported by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW with additional support coming from BVB’s main sponsor, Evonik.

Blog post 17: All good things must come to an end...

It’s here in Liverpool that we come to the end of our journey: In this last shoot Joachim Król visits Liverpool trainer and BVB legend Jürgen Klopp.

Blog post 16: A song comes to Germany

Joachim Król discusses with singer Thomas Henneböhl and BVB fan Jan-Henrik Gruszecki how “You’ll never walk alone” came to be sung in the Dortmund stadium.

Blog post 15: This time with feeling - Back in Vienna

In Vienna, we scale the heights with actress Mavie Hörbiger.

Blog post 14: A curry sausage in Dortmund

Joachim Król visits Dortmund's Trinity Church and BVB fan favorite, stadium announcer and cup hero from Berlin, Nobert Dickel.

Blog post 13: On the trail of black and yellow heroes

In the old BVB stadium “Rote Erde”, Joachim Król meets BVB legend Lars Ricken.

Blog post 12: Powerful choral music in Hamburg

Thomas Hengelbrock and his Balthasar Neumann Choir and Ensemble rehearse their impressive rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

Blog post 11: Do the Harlem Shake… (New York, part 4)

At the National Dance Institute in Harlem Joachim Król meets ballet star Jacques d’Amboise, who appeared in the film version of “Carousel.”

Blog post 10: Off to peaceful hills (New York, part 3)

Far removed from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, our next stop is a place of silence: Ferenc Molnár is buried in Linden Hill Cemetery in the hills of Queens.

Blog post 9: A song is born (New York, part 2)

At the Majestic Theater in New York, we have finally reached the spot where “You’ll never walk alone” was first unleashed on the world.

Blog post 8: Molnár's New York (New York, part 1)

Our first stop in the City That Never Sleeps takes us to the Central Park apartment of a man who knew Molnár.

About the film project

What’s the story behind the song "You'll never walk alone", sung vociferously week after week by tens of thousands of football fans at Liverpool, Celtic, and BVB?

Blog post 7: Soccer fever in Herne

 In Westfalia Stadion in Herne, the home club of Joachim Król, we get to the bottom of his passion for soccer – and also come across Borussia Dortmund, BVB.

Blog post 6: In Cologne, everything revolves around vinyl

 Our journey into the past continues. We’re exploring music, as the film team shoots in the record store "Nunk Music" in Cologne's Belgian Quarter.

Blog post 5: “Come one, come all!” - Historic Vienna (2)

Our next stop is the Viennese Prater. The Austrian writer and theater critic Alfred Polgar translated the play "Liliom" into German and transferred the scene of the play there.

Blog post 4: “Come one, come all!” - Historic Vienna (1)

Vienna, the metropolis on the Danube, is our next stop in exploring the cultural history of the song "You'll never walk alone.”

Blog post 3: Budapest - At the source of a song (2)

The first venue for today is the well-known New York Café, where Joachim Król meets Mátyás Sárközy, grandson of the playwright Molnár.

Blog post 2: Budapest - At the source of a song (1)

We leave Dortmund Stadium, where 80,000 fans have just belted out “You’ll never walk alone”, and start our journey where it all actually began more than 100 years ago.

Blog post 1: Preparation for shooting in Dortmund

During the last Bundesliga match of the season the team, headed by director André Schäfer and actor Joachim Król, prepares for the shoot.

Further Information

Further information on Twitter under the Hashtag #EvonikYNWA. 

All videos relating to the film are stored in the "You'll never walk alone” playlist on YouTube.

We’ll also be reporting on the shooting on our Facebook page in the summer.