Evonik Industries runs a facility in Rheinfelden, a city in south western Germany not far away from the Swiss and French borders. The history of this facility goes back to the end of the 19th century. With the first river power station in Europe in 1898, Rheinfelden attracted many businesses to the Rhine, which gave rise to today’s Rheinfelden facility. Over an area of 40 hectares, some 1,200 employees work at the site.


Production includes silanes, fillers, matting agents, bleaching and oxidizing agents, and detergent raw materials, from which our industrial customers manufacture detergents, solar cells, paints and coatings, building protection materials, adhesives, sealing compounds, silicone rubber, paper, and textiles.


Evonik Industries AG

Untere Kanalstraße 3
79618 Rheinfelden
Phone: +49 76 23/91-7201