Supplier Pre-Qualification Process

Leverage Relationships to Co-create Sourcing Value

Future suppliers are required to pass a multi-stage prequalification process which is outlined in the graphic below. Please note that additional steps may be required. Your swift and careful assistance as a future supplier is indispensable for a successful prequalification.

Thank you for your collaboration and we look forward to working with you.

The IntegrityNext supplier assessment is a mandatory process for all new suppliers of Evonik, as we need to be sure of the commitment on compliance and sustainability topics of any new supplier. The assessment applies to all suppliers of materials and services, of any size, business or region worldwide. As an alternative, EcoVadis-Assessments are accepted above a certain rating.

In addition to the prequalification with Integrity Next/Ecovadis, new suppliers may be required to go through a category-specific prequalification which depends on the special requirements for the respective goods or services. We may for example request for additional service related informations (RFI).

As a final step in a successful prequalification process, new suppliers are required to go through a (technical) qualification:

  • Raw Materials: We will request sample material of the raw materials that we consider purchasing from you. This is needed for testing purposes.
  • Technical Goods: In the case of technical goods, we need to check the compliance with technical requirements and standards. This is typically done by an on-site visit to the future supplier.

Note: The above mentioned steps may be performed in a different chronological order.