Goods and Services Procurement at Evonik

Secure supply of all needed goods and services at the economically best possible conditions.

In 2020 Evonik spent around € 8.0 billion on raw materials and supplies, technical goods, services, energy and other operating requirements.

Raw materials make up around 50 percent of procurement volume. Spending on fossil-based raw materials is around 2.5 billion and accounts for 60 percent of our raw material base.

Using renewable resources remains important to Evonik. In 2020, around 8.5 percent of raw materials were from renewable resources. The main applications for these raw materials are amino acids and starting products for the cosmetics industry.

Alongside quality, ability to deliver and competitive prices, meeting our Corporate Responsibility requirements is an essential prerequisite for a successful cooperation with our supplier.

We set high value on reliability and transparent decision-making processes on both sides. As Procurement we operate with a strong market-orientation and with the goal to create value within Evonik.

Our success has a positive effect on our customer and supplier.