Welcome to Evonik Procurement

Leverage Relationships to Co-create Sourcing Value

As an agile organization in a constantly changing environment, our Procurement organization supports Evonik in its aspiration to lead beyond chemistry and to transform ideas into pioneering products and solutions.

Simply obtaining raw materials, goods, and services in response to internal needs, however, is far from being sufficient. As an organization with a direct impact on the strategic business operations of Evonik, we need to do more. 

This is why we are constantly redefining and adapting our organization's structure to the changing markets and needs of our internal and external stakeholders. Aside from that, we are also continuously reinforcing our supply chain resilience by elaborating our sustainability strategy together with our suppliers, increasing our efforts in digitizing our Procurement operations, and by building a robust talent management system to ensure that our team is ready to tackle the challenges and grasp the opportunities of tomorrow. 

While doing that, our Procurement team consisting out of talented individuals all around the world, purchases raw materials, goods and services from a global network of over 35,000 suppliers in about 100 countries to meet the requirements of our stakeholders. 

On the following pages you will find more information about our Procurement organization and get guidance on how we can work together.  

Driving sustainability is of great importance to us. You can find out more about our sustainability efforts and learn how we can improve environmental and social standards along our global supply chains.

Whether you are interested in starting to collaborate with us or you have already been working with Evonik for many years, we look forward to a successful and reliable partnership.