SAP Ariba

Procurement and network solution

Portal for suppliers of technical goods or services

Do you supply us with technical goods or services?

Then SAP Ariba is the right solution for doing business with us!

Evonik will implement SAP Ariba as the world's only purchasing platform for indirect purchasing.

Implementation at all Evonik locations will be completed by the third quarter of 2018.

SAP Ariba offers you many advantages as a supplier:

  • Immediate collaboration with all trading partners
  • Continuous transparent process and traceability of changes in each order
  • Global trade and access to new customers

With SAP Ariba, the purchase-to-pay process looks like this:

Process of conversion for you as supplier with your own catalog at Evonik

  • Procurement will contact you regarding registration at Ariba.
  • Former Procurement solutions are gradually being replaced.
  • Paid Registration required.
  • SAP Ariba supports you in the connection.

Process of conversion for you as a supplier without your own catalog at Evonik

  • Free light account sufficient: no follow-up or transaction fees
  • Self-registration (see below)

Changeover for suppliers with light account

1. For the first order with SAP Ariba we will send you a registration link.

2. You are not yet registered with SAP Ariba? Then please click on "register now".

3. Fill out the online form and click on "register" (time: about 15 minutes).

4. You will receive a welcome e-mail from SAP Arba with dial-in details and your network ID.

5. The order can be processed!

Do you have questions about the transition to SAP Ariba?
We're here to help!

Please contact: