Open innovation Challenge

Innovative Application for POLYVEST® in the area of e-mobility 


Evonik is looking for new revolutionary ideas to expand the field of e-mobility application for our POLYVEST® products. 


CHALLENGE CLOSED ON February 21st, 2024


Congratulations to the winners:

Prof. Emrah Çakmakçı.

Faculty of Sciences, Department of Organic Chemistry. Marmara University.



Dr. Philipp Schwiderowski, Patrick Diehl, M.Sc. Ruhr University Bochum. And Jan Nordhausen, B.Eng. Laboratory of Electrical Maschines, Dortmund University of Applied Sciences.



Lisa Hetzel and Eduard Gil Olaria.

Center for Theoretical Chemistry. Ruhr University Bochum.


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The business line Coatings & Adhesive Resins offers four technology platforms with different types of polymers suitable for the adhesives and sealants industry. 

The Challenge

POLYVEST® is an established product in several markets, where benefits of the product are clearly understood. In this challenge Evonik wants to experience new innovative ideas to broaden the application field of POLYVEST® and enter new markets in the area of e-mobility.

You can answer any of the key questions, do not hesitate to participate:

  • Which new applications in the area of e-mobility could be addressed with POLYVEST®?
  • In which applications one would need good dielectric properties and/or low temperature flexibility?
  • Which use cases benefit from excellent chemical stability and/or hydrophobicity?


POLYVEST® polymers are liquid polybutadienes with different chemical compositions that are unsaponifiable, stereospecific and low viscous. All POLYVEST ® grades exhibit excellent reactivity due to their characteristic microstructure and can be used for a broad range of applications, e.g. in automotive, construction and electronics industries.

The POLYVEST ® portfolio consists of non-functionalized liquid polybutadienes with different molecular weights and viscosity as well as several functionalized grades. The polymers are either produced via Ziegler-Natta or radical polymerization. The unsaturated backbone of all POLYVEST ® grades offers the opportunity for various crosslinking options, like sulfur curing, oxidative drying and peroxidic crosslinking (with POLYVEST® MV). The functionalized grades provide further options, e.g. different crosslinking options, and can be used in polyurethane systems (POLYVEST® HT) or isocyanate-free systems (POLYVEST® HT + POLYVEST® MA).

All our products as well as a short description can be found in the following table:




  • non-functionalized liquid polybutadienes
  • apolar, hydrophobic
  • manufactured via Ziegler-Natta polymerization
  • high amount of 1,4-cis double bonds
  • grades differ in viscosity and molecular weight


  • non-functionalized liquid polybutadiene
  • apolar, hydrophobic
  • manufactured via Ziegler-Natta polymerization
  • high amount of 1,2-vinyl double bonds



  • maleic anhydride functionalized liquid polybutadiene
  • anhydride groups make originally apolar polybutadiene more polar
  • grades differ in maleic anhydride content and viscosity
  • Ring-opening polymerization (e.g. when added to POLYVEST® HT)


  • hydroxyl terminated liquid polybutadiene
  • manufactured by radical polymerization
  • primary hydroxyl groups are accessible for precise chemical modification


  • triethoxysilane terminated liquid polybutadiene
  • manufactured by radical polymerization and further functionalization
  • advantages of liquid rubbers and functional silanes are combined
  • silane functionalities allow surface modification of hydrophilic silica filler
  • grades differ in degree of functionalization


  • methacrylate terminated liquid polybutadiene
  • manufactured by radical polymerization and further functionalization
  • beneficial for broad range of applications, incl. UV curing technologies

For further specifications please look into the attached brochure.

The key performance properties of POLYVEST® are:

  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent chemical resistance to acids and bases
  • High water resistance (hydrophobic)
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • Low moisture and oxygen permeability

Typical Applications:

POLYVEST® is used in different applications. It can be used as binder, additive or reactive plasticizer in automotive adhesives & sealants, tires, window sealants, flexo printing plates as well as for electrical potting and in EV batteries. For further information please have a look at our brochures and website.

Idea submission

Each submission should cover one or more of the following key points:

  • Overview of the Idea and related needs which are addressed by the idea
  • Detailed description of the technical idea (addressing at least one of key questions).
  • Drawings and examples as well as references for comparable system or proposed solution/ approach
  • Technical and/or commercials benefits and limitations of your solution
  • Potential collaboration partners for development, scaling up, testing and implementation
  • Key market opportunities for the idea


Ideas for e-mobility applications are explicity the subject of this challenge.



The evaluation criteria are defined as follows (ranking from 0 – 10, all criteria have the same weight):

  • Creativity: The proposal is unknown to Evonik so far in the way that it shows a high degree of creativity and represents a new approach for Evonik from the application side
  • Probability of technical and commercial success: There is a high chance of technical and commercial success to be expected if the proposed concept can be successfully realized.
  • Quality of idea proposal: The idea proposal is well explained and contains clear description of what is planned to be done, how and with which resources (for instance: project plan draft, responsibilities, funding, others)
  • Form and volume: accepted all forms of contributions up to 3 MB (videos, documents, presentations, etc)


The following link will provide you with important information on the conditions of participation and data protection. Please take note of them.


Evonik will award a total of 5T€ between the three most innovative concepts, invite the awarded teams for an idea pitch and discuss a potential cooperation in the field with the High Performance Polymers team.

Everyone is welcome to participate. The intended target groups are students and start-ups.


January 31st, 2024

Announcement of the winning concepts: February 21st, 2024.

Support needed

Please contact us at oi@evonik.com