"Your Beauty. Your Choice."
"Your Beauty. Your Choice."
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Customized skin care

Is your skin too dry or too oily? Do you have combination skin? Decisions we make in the skin-care aisle aren’t always easy. But formulation experts at Evonik can help, thanks to their “Your Beauty. Your Choice” personal care concept.

Dry air from heating systems, UV radiation, makeup—our skin has to put up with an awful lot. And everyone’s skin is unique and needs the right care regimen. While the properties of our skin alter over the course of a lifetime, the kind of care our skin needs often changes from one day to the next. “Your Beauty. Your Choice” is a new concept from the experts at Evonik’s Personal Care Business Line emphasizing personalized skin care with a number of different beauty boosters that meet the needs of individuals.

The cosmetics industry has discovered DIY. After all, modern consumers are sophisticated, and more and more of them want to decide for themselves what their products of choice should look like. When it comes to beauty products, for instance, shoppers study product ingredients—what they do, how they are sourced—and compare that information to their needs, requirements, and expectations. Standard products usually have little to offer consumers wondering what the ideal skin-care regimen is for them. The solution often boils down to combining multiple products or making compromises.

At the same time, however, incomes are rising in many regions of the world, and consumers are increasingly willing to spend their money. Demand for premium products is rising. It comes as no surprise then that the international market for personalized skin care is growing as well.

This is precisely where the new, individualized “Your Beauty. Your Choice” concept from Evonik’s Personal Care Business Line enters the scene. The underlying principle is modular in nature: consumers can combine special booster formulas however they like in a variety of creams, optimizing or amplifying the desired effects of skin-care products. A few drops are all it takes. Boosters also come in very small quantities and are made available whenever they are needed to truly personalize a product. Mastering your skin’s moods couldn’t be easier, and your skin always receives precisely the care it needs, when it needs it.

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