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Finally—a sugar that’s good for you!

When it comes to body care, consumers are turning increasingly to natural and sustainable products. Evonik has now developed a completely natural cosmetic raw material that is based entirely on plant sugars and does not use tropical oils.

“Naturalness and sustainability are highly popular topics among end users of cosmetics, and therefore also producers. In RHEANCE® One we now have in the portfolio a cleansing agent based entirely on sustainable raw materials,” says Dr. Tammo Boinowitz, the head of Evonik’s Personal Care business line.

The cosmetic raw material is one of the first of its kind from the class of compounds known as glycolipids. These lipids are based entirely on sugar and are distinguished by their mildness, environmental compatibility, and, in particular, their strong foaming action. Foam is even more important for the consumer’s perception of the performance of detergents and cleaners than for their actual cleaning action: Long-lasting foam is associated with effective cleaning—particularly in developing countries, where washing by hand is still common while requirements on hygiene are increasing. Similarly, a dense, creamy foam in shampoos and shower gels is perceived as indicating mildness and gentle care.

An additional plus is that glycolipids can easily bring perfumes and essential oils into solution. Their full biodegradability and markedly high environmental compatibility complete the property profile.

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