Jonas Hückstädt, Trainee Controlling
Jonas Hückstädt, Trainee Controlling

Trainee Program in Controlling

Evonik is looking for committed business graduates. What do we offer during the training program? International environment, job security, and a tailored development program.

“I chose Evonik because I had the impression that they truly offer a systematic on-the-job training instead of a simple series of internships,” says Jonas Hückstädt, trainee in Evonik’s Controlling department since November 2016. “And my impressions have been confirmed. I have quite a lot of influence on my training. Of course there are certain mandatory stations, but within these you have a lot of freedom to choose which topics you would like to work on. Also, you are integrated very well in your colleague’s teams.” So far, Hückstädt has spent time in both, Financial Analysis & Planning and Financial Services, and is currently working in the operational Controlling of the business line Animal Nutrition.

Teamwork is the basic requirement for Controlling: “As far as team spirit is concerned, collaboration extends beyond the departmental boundary. Cross-divisional teamwork is fundamental in order to successfully complete the given tasks. Only by collaborating it is possible to explain exactly what the figures mean and the underlying situation they reflect. This knowledge is spread widely over the organization, so you cannot solve these tasks on your own.”

If you like to travel, this is the place to go: “I travel a lot and you definitely have to be flexible. The working places are located throughout western Germany – especially in Hanau and in Essen. By traveling from place to place, I’ve already managed to establish a large network. The trainee program is the best possible ‘quick start‘ for my career at the Evonik Group. It provides me with the opportunities to get a good overview over the whole organization as well as learning a lot about the processes in the financial departments.” Soon, as part of the trainee program, Hückstädt will head to the US for a few months where he will have the possibility to expand his intercultural competencies.

Overview of the trainee program in Controlling:

In a period of 15 months, the trainees get to know the central processes and financial functions of Evonik with a focus on Controlling and Accounting. During partial periods you spend in at least two business areas, you will gain an insight into the operational business, for instance in Personal Care or Acrylic Products, where PLEXIGLAS® is produced. You will also have the opportunity to work on strategic aspects in the Corporate Center. Evonik is fully international which is why a three-month international sojourn is a fixed component of the program. The objective of the trainee program: To provide an overview of the functions and tasks within the company with the final section of the program preparing the trainee for his/her future role in the Group – an optimal start with diverse career development prospects.

The recruitment procedure:

Subsequent to the application deadline, all submitted applications are reviewed and an initial selection of candidates is invited to take the online test. Soon afterwards, the candidates with the best test scores are invited to attend an assessment center. Immediately after the competencies of the candidates have been assessed within this framework, they are given feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and are informed if they have been awarded a place in Evonik’s trainee program.

In the event of a positive decision, the contract signed by Evonik is given to the candidate immediately after the feedback session.

What happens after completing the trainee program?

In case of a successful conclusion of the trainee program, the trainee receives an offer to sign a permanent employment contract with Evonik Industries AG or one of its Group Companies. The position offered is suitable to provide further experience in the areas already covered during the trainee program and to further develop the candidate’s career.

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