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Custom Manufacturing

We provide you with the missing piece!

Evonik offers a broad range of capabilities to manufacture intermediates for the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals industry. 

Relying on the vast technology portfolio of one of the most innovative chemical companies in the world, Evoniks Custom Manufacturing business combines back-integration into important raw materials and respective chemical synthesis Know-How with excellent performance in EHSQ, IP protection, project and process management. 

We manufacture intermediates at our sites in Europe and the US and can scale up from lab-scale quantities to production quantities, in line with your specific needs.

Our focus is at the center of your demand

Our intention is to support your business – and more important is for us to support your growth as the partner of choice for sophisticated chemistry with:

  • Fast response on inquries
  • Flexibility
  • Reliable partnership in close cooperation with customers
  • Strict focus on budget and timing

Expect the best from Evoniks Custom Manufacturing

Our facilities in Germany (Marl), Belgium (Antwerp) and USA (Mobile) are integrated in chemical parks with all the infrastructure.

Be sure, we understand your challenges – we have the experience, track records and the technology to meet your specific needs and deliver consistently the quality, efficiency and cost improvements you need, every single time.

Evonik has a unique technology Know-How for Hydrocyanic acid (HCN), a strategic building block for many chemicals. Technologies for and back-integration into Acroleine, water-free Hydrochloric acid (HCl), Hydrogen chemistry and much more set the stage for our expertise.

Evonik can make your product more sustainable and help you to fulfill the aspirations of your customers by offering the best supply chain supporting your business.