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Evonik makes mobility fit for the future

The mobility of the future will take many forms: In metropolises, electric buses and lightweight trams will connect central hubs while robotaxis, hire bikes, and e-scooters will provide mobility to the commuter’s doorstep. In other regions people will continue to use their own cars. At the technical level as well, a variety of options will be available; as regards the powertrain, for example, there will be hybrid motors as well as fully electrically powered vehicles or those with fuel cells.
What’s common to all these mobility concepts is that innovative products from Evonik make them more efficient, light, and ecofriendly. As a leading global specialty chemicals group, Evonik is both a materials supplier and a partner in innovation for the automotive industry.

We boost Efficiency

Comb polymers as additives for gear oils reduce internal friction losses. Specialty silica-silane components minimize rolling resistance and wear on tires without negatively impacting wet grip. In this way energy can be more efficiently utilized and emissions minimized.

We save Weight

An electric vehicle contains up to 40 meters of coolant lines. The high-performance polymer PA12 helps satisfy a range of requirements on temperature, pressure, and chemical resistance while keeping weight low.

We create Surfaces

Rented cars and robotaxis will be used intensively, and the materials used in the interior, for example, must be designed to be correspondingly robust. To prevent plastic surfaces from scuffing prematurely, organically modified siloxanes ensure a long-term lubricating effect on the surfaces and a sophisticated visual appearance.

We drive New Mobility

At the core of e-mobility, at least within the foreseeable future, is the lithium-ion battery. Specialty aluminum or titanium oxides, which are either incorporated into the separator films as fillers or applied as coatings, allow extremely low film thicknesses and thus higher battery capacities for the same overall size.

Development is rapid in fields related to the new mobility such as digital networking, electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and shared driving. This places new requirements on engineering and materials. Expert teams from Evonik are engaged in collaboration and lively exchange with car makers and the supply industry worldwide on lighthouse projects, to exploit the new potentials to the full. In this way Evonik helps its customers create added value as effectively and rapidly as possible.