Building protection

Evonik building protection products protect buildings and infrastructures from deterioration by harmful influences. Our broad product range enables an outstanding degree of durability and resistance and saves significantly investments.


PROTECTOSIL® products are well known and valued as water repellents, easy-to-clean, antigraffiti, corrosion protection and stone consolidation products since decades. They protect all kinds of mineral surfaces from damaging effects and provide special properties such as increased durability and resistance for these materials.


SITREN® is Evonik's brand name for various powder and liquid additives including defoaming, air entrainment, shrinkage reduction, water repellency and mould release.


TEGOPAC® is range of silane-modified polymers which is typically used in adhesives, sealants or liquid applied membranes.
Liquid applied membranes are a very common way of waterproofing nowadays. Whether hand applied or machine applied these waterproofing systems are very flexible in use.


TEGOSIVIN® contains a broad range of well-established water repellents. Main focus is the integral use of these liquid additives within mineral building materials like e.g. concrete.