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From the anti-caking agent in paprika to active health ingredients (such as amino acids, anthocyanins, synbiotics, omega 3 powder), over sodium reduction and functional coatings for supplements — Evonik is widely represented in the food industry. The application fields of the Evonik products are just as different as the customers. Making use of synergies between the different business lines is one of the methods used to successfully address this diversified market. "Our goal is to become more visible for our customers. And this we can only do together," says Katrin Sälzer, spokeswoman for the Food Industry Team (FIT).


AEROSIL® fumed silica offers an efficient low cost way to meet this challenge. It ensures your product quality and improves your productivity.


Healthberry® is a 100% natural, constant and highly stable powder extract that is rich in anthocyanins, making it suitable for a multitude of functional food and beverage applications. It is an ideal health ingredient to help enhance the value of a range of functional foods and beverages. Options for the use of Healthberry® include energy or protein bars, food sprinkles and gummies. We also supplies this mix of anthocyanins in a high load capsule form known as MEDOX®

Amino acids for nutritional applications

Our REXIVA®  portfolio includes highly purified amino acids suitable for all nutritional applications – from infant and sports nutrition to supplements and flavors. We ofer single L-amino acids, amino acid salts, keto acids and peptides to meet your formulation needs. Our purification technology draws on decades of expertise in the field of amino acids and related compounds. REXIVA® is a byword for guaranteed high quality – comprising products that fulfill all necessary regulatory and quality-related standards and is HACCP, kosher and halal certified.


EUDRAGUARD® are used as functional coatings to obtain delayed release (enteric/gastro-resistance or in the colon), and sustained release, taste and odor masking, and moisture protection of sensitive nutrients. Functional coatings from Evonik also improve swallowability.

peracetic acid for food safety in poultry processing

Food Safety

SPECTRUM® is a chlorine-free antimicrobial agent approved for use at multiple intervention points, including on-line reprocessing (OLR), finishing chillers, chillers, parts, salvage, and other poultry processing waters.

GUARDCAP™ Functional hard capsule for colon release

Our GuardCap™ ready-to-fill funcional capsules, coated with the proven and well-known EUDRAGUARD® biotic functional coating for dietary supplements. This unique capsule is suitable for colon delivery, increasing the viability of ingredients like probiotics and prebiotics which contain sensitive bacteria. 

Omega-3 powder AvailOm®

AvailOm® is a unique omega-3 lysine complex, which is easily compressible for tablet applications. A single, small tablet made from AvailOm® can deliver the same Omega-3 fatty acid uptake as two large fish oil softgel capsules. In addition to delivering unmatched protection against oxidation based upon three years of stability data, it is also direct compressible and can be customized to meet specific formulation requirements.

Potassium hydrogen carbonate

Potassium hydrogen carbonate can be used as an additive for foods, for example, in effervescent drinks and as a leavening agent.


SIPERNAT® helps handling and dosing powdered ingredients easily and accurately.


IN VIVO BIOTICS™ is our new brand for innovative and effective bio inspired probiotic solutions to re-enable the body’s own self-protecting competences for inner health. It combines our sound scientific understanding of human health, our profound knowledge of the health market and the expertise of our R&D network. We merge exclusive and expedient combinations that are based on our proprietary and robust microorganisms and further synergetic bioactive ingredients.