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Medical Technology

Solutions for added value. With our innovative products and solutions, we breathe life into markets. The product portfolio includes special polymers for medical technology and biomaterials for long-and short-term implants as well as non-implants applications.


Implants from VESTAKEEP® PEEK provide a new level of quality in orthopedic medicine: our PEEK polymers are used especially because of their outstanding biocompatibility and biostability.


Fractures can now be treated with biodegradable implants made from RESOMER® polymers. They don't have to be removed in a follow-up surgery but dissolve in the body over defined time periods.


Our highly tunable, vegan collagen platform is produced through a sustainable fermentation-based process. VECOLLAN® can be used for applications in life sciences and is processible for a range of shapes and forms.

Biocellic+ biosynthetic cellulose

Biocellic+ is a nature-identical material that is non-animal derived and produced by a fermentation-based process. This base material can be used for wound care, skin care and implants.


The consistent quality of DEGACRYL® products makes them particularly suitable for high-grade applications as in the dental and medical fields.

Implants from the 3D printer

By investing in Meditool, a Chinese firm specialized in 3D printing, Evonik has secured access to a market that will grow at an incredible pace in the coming years: custom-printed medical devices made of high-performance polymers.


VESTAMID® Care is used successfully as a catheter material because of its high bursting resistance. This is provided by the combination of flexibility and pliability, toughness and hardness.


Endexo® surface modification technology reduces biofouling on medical devices and prevents clinical complications such as thrombosis and infection. Endexo® also enhances the biocompatibility of devices. 


TROGAMID® Care is a highly transparent material that is resistant to stress cracking. Because of its outstanding chemical resistance it is used especially in applications that come into contact with drugs and body fluids.