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Evonik manufactures a wide range of material and chemical solutions that are found throughout the oil and gas industry.

Evonik has developed advanced chemistries and materials targeting upstream, midstream, and downstream operations within the Oil and Gas value chain. Our solutions enhance production, protect assets, and increase value throughout the hydrocarbon lifecycle, from the wellhead to the refinery.  We continue to develop solutions that impact produced water disposal, efficient drilling operations, transport efficiency, and refinery kinetics.  Additionally, we are partnering with companies throughout the energy transition, addressing advanced specialty chemicals as the basis for carbon capture, creating enabling materials for the hydrogen economy, and providing process chemicals to improve both mechanical and chemical recycling loops. 

The Evonik Oil and Gas team is committed to enable our customers to enhance existing operations and expand innovation space in new forms of sustainable energy production – leading beyond chemistry to improve life, today and tomorrow. 

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High Performance Polymers (PA12)  

VESTAMID® NRG in the Oil and Gas Industry

The extreme conditions encountered when extracting crude oil and gas test even the most resistant of materials right to their limits. Or harsh environmental conditions for industrial pipes. VESTAMID® NRG overcomes these limitations and has been used in numerous areas for years – both onshore and offshore. MORE