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Before extraction, oil and gas operations start with drilling processes. Evonik has a wide range of chemistries that can be used within drilling muds and as cementing additives.


What Evonik brings to the Application
Cement Additives
Thixotropic and anti-setting additives for cementing. Cement reinforcement additives. Encapsulated chemicals. 

Superplasticizer to improve workability and compression strength of cement.

Fumed silica dispersions

Fumed silica Precipitated silica

Ether methacrylates and methacrylic acid

Corrosion Inhibitors
Additives to be used in formulations of corrosion inhibitor chemistries.
Alkanolamides Amine 
Amphoacetates Imidazoline 
Performance additives 
Quaternary amines
Defoamer and Defoamer Agents

Additives for water treatment, drilling and fracturing fluids.

Precipitated silica

Fumed silica

Rapid wetting anionic surfactant for use in production wells.

Polyether siloxanes

Dispersible defoamer based on organo- modified siloxanes

Anionic surfactant


Additives to be used in preparation of oil-based drilling muds.

Quaternary amines

Additives for preparation of Pickering emulsions for oil and water based drilling muds and chemicals.

Ester quats

Fumed silica

Candidate additives to be used in preparation of oil-based drilling muds.


Fluid Loss Agents
Building blocks to make polymers that prevent the loss of fluid to the formation.
Alkyl methacrylates, aminofunctional methacrylates and methacrylamides
Foamers & Foaming Agents
Chemistries (additives and finished products) to be used downhole as a foam stabilizer/ wetting agent in hard water, for drilling muds, foam enhancement in foam fracturing and oil displacement.
Amphoteric surfactants including capramidopropyl betaines and amine oxides
Free Flow / Anti-Caking Agents
Additives to help prevent formation of lumps and improve flow of powders.
Fumed silicaPrecipitated silica
Gas Separation
Efficient gas separation membranes for generating N2, removing CO2, recovering H2 and recovering/upgrading He. 
High performance polyimide
Gelling Agents
Agents to assist with gel texture, including in hydrochloric acids.
Aminofunctional methacrylates, hydroxy methacrylates and methacrylamides
Liquid to Powder Conversion
To convert difficult-to-handle liquids (freezable, very viscous, hygroscopic) into powders.
Fumed silicaPrecipitated silica
Loss Control
Superabsorbents for loss control applications.
Superabsorbent polymer
pH Buffering in Brines
Additive to provide an alkaline pH and to prevent the pH from fluctuating as a consequence of acid or base influxes into the brines.
Potassium Carbonate Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate Potassium Hydroxide Solution
Rheology Modifiers and Viscosifiers
Additives to support the development of polymers and alter rheological properties including control of sagging, settling, stability and processability of liquids and powders.

Fumed silicaPrecipitated silica

Superabsorbent polymer

Aminofunctional methacrylates, ether methacrylates and methacrylamides

Shale Control
Building blocks for the production of shale control polymers. 
Aminofunctional (cationic) methacrylates and methacrylamides
Swelling Agent

Superabsorbents for general solidification and absorbing applications.

Superabsorbent polymer

Swelling agent for swellable packers.

Superabsorbent polymer

Wetting Agents
Additives to help reduce the surface tension of a liquid, causing the liquid to spread across or penetrate more easily the surface of a solid.
Ammonium chloride products

Organo-modified siloxanes