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Reducing energy loss caused by friction

Evonik advances innovation in lubricants with its new Friction & Motion Competence Center in Darmstadt, Germany.

Evonik’s Resource Efficiency Segment has unveiled its new Friction & Motion Competence Center in Darmstadt, Germany. The Competence Center acts as a technology platform focusing on the development of mid- and long-range innovations for the lubricant market.

“About 15 to 20 percent of the energy consumed each year is used just to overcome friction. So there's a great need for products that can reduce that energy loss,” says Dr. Johannes Ohmer, Managing Director, Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH.

This fact, combined with the noticeable trend towards car-sharing, e-mobility, and autonomous vehicles, as well as other emerging technologies, such as robotics and drone transportation, require new solutions for reducing friction losses.

“That’s a challenge we are ready to accept," says Dr. Günter Schmitt, Director of the Friction & Motion Competence Center. Evonik envisions a future in which significant additional revenues in the intermediate and long term are derived from the synergy of combining various product and technology competencies within Evonik’s Resource Efficiency Segment.

“There are many areas within Evonik that can be tapped to generate a stream of lubricant innovations. That’s why we established the Friction & Motion Competence Center, and that’s why we have built these dedicated laboratories,” explains Dr. Ralf Düssel, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Evonik’s Oil Additives Business Line.

For example, he adds, rather than limiting their focus exclusively to the potential of lubricant additives, the scientists at the Friction & Motion Competence Center will also examine fluid systems, surface designs and high performance polymers.

As a leading provider of oil additives, Evonik develops technologies that boost efficiency with its DRIVON™ technologies in engine oils, driveline fluids and gear oils. With the Friction & Motion Competence Center, Evonik focuses on innovations that contribute to the resource-efficient lubricant solutions of tomorrow.

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