World Students’ Day

Staying in touch with talents

Evonik maintains a network for former interns and apprentices while they are at university, making it easier for them to rejoin the company later.

World Students’ Day was on November 17. In addition to their university studies, many students work in companies and complete internships to complement theory with actual practice, improving their job prospects in the process.

Evonik Perspectives Program

Because anyone who has had an internship at Evonik will not want to lose contact with the company afterward, supervisors recommend talented, dedicated interns for the Evonik Perspectives program. The program also automatically includes those receiving the Evonik Scholarship to help finance their studies following an apprenticeship within the Group. The goal of the program is to ensure the company does not lose touch with undergraduate and graduate students after their time at Evonik.

In order to keep the roughly 140 participants in the loop, the program sends them Folio (the employee magazine), job postings, and other publications such as elements.

The students are also invited to two-day networking events held each year. These events focus on soft skills and include presentations by Evonik employees about Evonik sites and products. This keeps the students in regular contact with their former colleagues and also provides opportunities for discussions about potential job opportunities.

Evonik Perspectives Plus

Those who do not have a position lined up at Evonik after graduation are included in Evonik Perspectives Plus—a program that gives them a five-year window in which to gain some initial professional experience. The former students can then come back to Evonik for a second try. Currently 100 former interns and apprentices in the fields of process engineering, natural sciences, economics, and other engineering fields are involved in the program. Each year, Evonik hosts a major gathering to which all participants are invited. The next meeting will be held in the summer of 2018.

Evonik Perspectives in Asia

Evonik operates a similar program in Shanghai for high-performing students. The program currently has 56 participants, who can likewise stay in touch with the company at networking events. Students also receive direct access to internship opportunities.

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