Sustainability Organization and Management

The executive board bears overall responsibility for sustainability and all climate-related aspects at Evonik. Direct responsibility is assigned to the chief human resources officer.

Responsibilities and responsibilities for sustainability management are set out in a Group policy. The Supervisory Board also regularly dealt with sustainability issues in 2023.

In view of the increasing relevance of sustainability in the management of the company, ESG aspects are integrated into our governance framework. Since 2022, our Sustainability Council has been meeting at Board level under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer. In order to ensure close integration with the business, the members include not only the Board of Management but also the heads of the divisions. The Sustainability Council is responsible for steering and decision-making in relation to sustainability issues. After approval by the Executive Board, measures are implemented by the operating units in close coordination with relevant functions such as Strategy, Sustainability, Research, Development & Innovation or Procurement. The decisions of the Sustainability Council are prepared by the Sustainability Circle, in which the functions and departments relevant to sustainability are represented. This committee is chaired by the Chief Human Resources Officer as the member of the Board of Management responsible for sustainability.

In the year under review, the Sustainability Circle dealt with topics such as Next Generation Solutions, the EAGER project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and preparations for reporting in accordance with the European Sustainability Reporting Standard (ESRS).

Sustainability governance structure at Evonik

In addition, as of fiscal year 2023, Evonik has anchored further sustainability aspects in its long-term Executive Board and Management compensation.