Key Technologies

Evonik believes that key technologies like biotechnology and nanotechnology are essential to find solutions for pressing future challenges.

These technologies can play a major role in increasing the use of renewable raw materials and in improving the efficient use of resources. Social acceptance is vital for the long-term viability of products based on these technologies. Evonik is committed to responsible use of biotechnology and nanotechnology in dialog with society. It only markets or uses such products and methods if safety and environmental compatibility comply with the state of the art and the latest scientific findings. Evonik places strict limits on research and use of new technologies. These are derived from ethical values and, in particular, respect for human life and dignity. 
Evonik has therefore issued company guidelines on the responsible handling of nanotechnology and biotechnology.


For Evonik, nanotechnology represents a key technology with considerable economic relevance, both because it is generally important in a variety of production processes and products, and because it can potentially be used in such a broad array of chemical applications.


Responsible use of biotechnology to improve life, today and tomorrow.