Value Chain & Products 

Our approach to sustainability includes the entire value chain. We drive forward the transparency and sustainability of our suppliers and help our customers meet their sustainability targets. In collaboration with them, we want to develop further products and solutions for applications that are resource-efficient and environmentally compatible.

Our Business

Progressive climate change, feeding the growing world population, and using limited resources responsibly are some of the global challenges addressed by the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. Our products and solutions provide important answers to future-oriented questions like these.

Research, Development & Innovation

We are proud of our culture of innovation. For high innovative capability is essential for us. It is an important driver for profitable growth and strengthens our leading market and technology positions.

Product Stewardship

One of the most important requirements placed on the chemical industry by its stakeholders is that all substances and products are produced, handled and used not only in conformity with the law but also under safe conditions. 

Circular Economy

Circular economy means decoupling economic growth and the use of resources by returning valuable raw materials to the loop at the end of their useful life.

Supply Chain & Raw Materials

We have a significant influence on society and the environment through its procurement volume. We are aware of this responsibility. By selecting suppliers carefully, we do not simply secure and increase their sustainability standards, we also enhance the quality of the entire value chain.

Production & Processes

Many of our products are based on the use of advanced processes and technologies, which we are continuously improving. At many of our sites, we have backwardly integrated production complexes where we produce key precursors in adjacent production facilities.


Evonik believes that key technologies like biotechnology and nanotechnology are essential to find solutions for pressing future challenges.


We need toxicological and ecotoxicological data to be able to assess the safety of our products. From a scientific perspective, tests on animals are still in many cases the only way of generating this data reliably.