Production and processes

Many of our products are based on the use of advanced processes and technologies, which we are continuously improving. At many of our sites, we have backwardly integrated production complexes where we produce key precursors in adjacent production facilities. The benefit for our customers is the high reliability of supply.

Efficient production facilities and a well-stocked innovation pipeline are crucial elements in Evonik’s business model. Continuous optimizations in both areas are therefore a matter of course to us. In many cases, we develop and use proprietary production processes that have a technological edge.

Our largest production sites – Marl, Wesseling and Rheinfelden (Germany), Antwerp (Belgium), Mobile (Alabama, USA), Shanghai (China) and Singapore – have integrated technology platforms used by various units. This results in valuable economies of scale and maximizes the use of material flows because by-products from one production line can be used as starting products for others.

Continuous process optimization has always been very important for Evonik. The expertise is provided, first and foremost, by our Process Technology unit and the Simplification, Excellence, Empowerment and Cooperation (SEEC) team. SEEC brings together process and technology experts from various organizational units with a wide range of knowledge. It is supported by our employee suggestion program.