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The 12th player 

This summer football fans across Europe will travel to watch world-class performances from players at the top of the game with stadiums providing the stage. As we focus on the events on the pitch, the experience of fans will be enhanced by Protectosil®.

The silane-based Protectosil® building protection products are used in the construction and maintenance of arenas. They protect mineral substrates such as stone and concrete from water penetration and corrosion, ensure easy-to-clean surfaces, improve graffiti protection and help strengthen stone. But it’s not just the arenas, the entire match-day experience is improved with these products.

Maintaining iconic sporting arenas is a challenge. Graffiti, internal structural damage from water penetration as well as aesthetic damage from mold infestation and other stains reduce the lifetime of stadiums and increase the cost of maintenance. Cost-effective building maintenance needs to be taken into consideration right from the start. The Olympia Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan covers a vast space of 225,000 m2 within a larger area of 650,000 m2. Built in 2015, it is renowned for its use of advanced technologies. During construction, Protectosil® BHN was used to protect the outdoor area of the stadium. A water repellent impregnation for concrete, clinker masonry, and ceramic tiles, the outdoor surfaces are protected from water and the pollutants dissolved in it. And the results are in! Water uptake in the samples with Protectosil® was reduced by 90% compared to unprotected samples after being placed in a 10 cm water column for seven days. Before the Olympia Stadium in Baku was even finished, a great performance was already on display just invisible to fans.

This summer, cities will welcome fans and tourists. Their unique characters create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which adds to the fan experience. Train stations, subway stations, and shopping malls are a popular target for self-proclaimed graffiti artists. At the same time, graffiti that is not removed encourages other sprayers to take up the spray can as well. So quick action is called for. A protective coating with Protectosil® ANTIGRAFFITI can help with simple and efficient cleaning. The product can be applied by simple means and can then be cleaned up to ten times without the need for reapplication. When water-based or oily paints and inks come into contact with a coating containing Protectosil® ANTIGRAFFITI, a beading effect is created. The agents cannot penetrate the surface and simply run off - as frustrating as it is off-putting for even the most determined graffiti artists. Since water vapor can easily escape the protective layer, a pleasant indoor climate is still ensured inside.

Clean, well-maintained buildings contribute to the experience of fans. Although the numbers of fans visiting stadiums will likely be reduced this year, cities and towns will still be on display for locals and tourists to enjoy. What would not fit into the picture are buildings that look old and dirty because environmental influences have caused visible stains.Building protection products from Evonik provide longer maintenance cycles, lower maintenance costs, and increase the lifespan and service life of buildings. Protectosil® is a silane-based impregnation that penetrates deep into building materials. The small molecular size means it can effectively bond to the pore’s interior wall, where UV radiation and mechanical wear cannot reduce its protective action. This durable protection continues after the game to ensure stadiums, infrastructure, and buildings are protected.

This summer stadiums and arenas provide the stage for memorable moments. The remarkable goals, which will be replayed in playgrounds. The missed penalties, which will be debated about time and time again. And those unlikely victories, which will be retold long after the game is over. This summer is all about the fan experience, whether you get to visit the stadium or enjoy your local city, Protectosil® will enhance that experience for all football fans.

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