Brand Partner Borussia



Evonik is the main sponsor of Borussia Dortmund—and the two are a perfect fi t, because both of them are players in the Champions League. This alliance is helping to boost Evonik’s profi le all over the world.

When the Borussia Dortmund soccer team plays a home game, the stadium is full to bursting with more than 80,000 fans. Some 25,000 of them fi ll the “Yellow Wall,” Europe’s biggest stadium standing room. Meanwhile, millions of fans all over the world sit transfi xed in front of their TVs. Evonik is always there. We’ve been sponsoring this team, which has won the German championship eight times and plays in the UEFA Champions League regularly, for many years.

Evonik earns 82 percent of its sales outside Germany, and BVB opens up doors for us all over the world. For example, every second person in Thailand and every sixth person in China is familiar with this team. Soccer is a world language that is helping us to attract new customers and intensify our relationships with existing ones. Evonik CEO Klaus Engel calls it “an alliance of strength.” BVB and Evonik—even stronger together.

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