Next Generation Solutions Supplement 2023

The intention of this brochure is to provide more detailed information on selected products and solutions with a clearly positive sustainability profile, i.e. our Evonik Next Generation Solutions (NGSs). Special attention is paid to the contribution of these NGSs to the four Sustainability Focus Areas (SFAs) – that bundle our contributions to a sustainable transformation – and describe their sustainability benefits (also referred to as their handprint)

After introducing the SFAs and the Evonik Portfolio Sustainability Assessment (PSA) methodology, the handprint evaluation of some NGSs is detailed. The handprint of selected NGSs will be described including
the report of the greenhouse gas emission reductions – so-called ”avoided emissions“ for the year 20231. Their associated environmental or social impact will be detailed paying special attention to their contribution to one of the four sustainability focus areas if credible quantification data is available. Where possible, a quantitative estimation of the handprint is given. Due to the profound interest in quantitative and precise information on handprints in some value chains and good data availability, several examples from automotive
and food applications are described in this brochure.