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“And the Oscar goes to…”

It’s that time of the year again, the Academy Awards took place on February 9: The oscars were be awarded during a glamorous ceremony in Hollywood. To provide peace of mind to the stars and to make sure that their makeup stays in place, Evonik has developed various formulation concepts for cosmetic products.

The most important awards ceremony in the film industry, where special artistic and technical merit are honored, is accompanied by guesses, speculation, and secrets regarding the prominent guests: Who’s accompanying whom in Los Angeles? Who’s wearing the most beautiful dress and who has the most eye-catching makeup? The celebrities use this stage to show off and compete for the biggest headlines. They vie for the attention of the media, and glitter is the name of the game. The makeup artists are in great demand and have their work cut out.

Ingredients for cosmetic products help keep the skin looking fresh and let the natural beauty shine through. Whether it’s primer, concealer, or foundation, Evonik’s formulation concepts support a radiant appearance.

The stars want to look their best in the photographs and magazines and also during the live broadcast of the awards. They strive for the natural look and like to display their elegance and glamor. Evonik’s fast-pace technological developments have improved formulation concepts to the stage where the beauty products now offer a very natural covering. The sustainability aspect of the concepts is also very important, and this contributes to protecting the environment.

The Oscars evening itself is not the only occasion when awards are presented. Over the following days, the makeup, the dresses, and hairstyles are the subject of conversation everywhere. Various newspapers and magazines award prizes for the best and worst makeup, or for the most elaborate or most embarrassing hairstyle of the evening. The Academy Awards often trigger trends for the future, from which a new beauty ideal is conceived. Right now, this beauty ideal calls for a shimmering skin tone and a healthy complexion. The powerful cosmetics solutions from Evonik can be used to create unique customer experiences.

The Oscars, otherwise known as the Academy Awards, were first presented in 1929. The awards ceremony was first televised in 1953 and reached an estimated 34 million viewers. Last year 29.6 million Americans watched the live broadcast. The Oscars are presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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