Climate change and climate protection

At the international climate conference in Paris 2015, nearly all states have committed themselves to change the world economy in a climate-friendly way. 

Global warming should thus be limited to significantly below 2 degrees, ideally to 1.5 degrees, compared to pre-industrial times. We contribute to this goal with efficient production processes and with our products which give a positive contribution to lowering greenhouse gas emissions during the applications.

Energy inputs

We use a broad spectrum of technical and organizational measures to raise energy efficiency like co-generation plants and expansion of integrated structures linking chemical production and energy generation. Many of our energy management systems meet the standards of ISO 50001.

Greenhouse gases 

Emitting greenhouse gases into the air is a side-effect of nearly all production processes. Efficient technologies and production processes are helping us to achieve our goal of reducing specific greenhouse gas emissions.

Evonik Carbon Footprint & Carbon Disclosure

Since 2008 we are publishing the „Evonik Carbon Footprint (ECF)“. The ECF is an extensive overview of greenhouse gas emissions, from the extraction of raw materials through production to disposal of the products (currently without use phase).

CO2eq avoided by using Evonik Products

Evonik markets a variety of products whose use makes a positive contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional alternatives.