Greenhouse Gases

Emitting greenhouse gases into the air is a side-effect of nearly all production processes. Efficient technologies and production processes are helping us to achieve our goal of reducing specific greenhouse gas emissions by 12 percent by 2020 (reference base 2012 = 100).

For reporting our greenhouse gas emissions we are referring to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. This includes direct CO2 emissions (Scope 1 emissions) from energy generations and production, and indirect CO2 emissions (Scope 2 emissions) from purchased energy. Together with other greenhouse gases, the total is expressed in CO2 equivalents.

Scope 2 emissions calculated using the location-based method include regional emissions factors. For the majority of our sites around the world we calculate our emissions using the market-based method. In 2018, the market-based method covered 94 percent of our power-related scope 2 emissions and 80 percent of steam emissions.

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