Health protection

Protecting and promoting employees’ health is very important to Evonik. Against the background of demographic change we strive to maintain or even enhance the performance and the well-being of our workforce. Our approach is holistic and integrated.

Health protection is therefore also an important component of our demographic concept and our corporate initiative well@work. With our all-round concept we aim to avoid specific occupational illnesses and work-related health impairments as well as to promote personal health and wellbeing.

All occupational health protection and health promotion measures at Evonik are based on our global health program. This covers the three dimensions: medical emergency management, workplace health protection/occupational health, and workplace health promotion with their main drivers and objectives. It also sets out the framework and quality requirements for health promotions programs.

The mandatory basic requirements for the implementation of the global health program are determined in our Group Functional Policy „Occupational Health Management“. Decisions on the exact implementation are made on site level and take into account local circumstances and needs.

Fulfillment of the requirements is checked regularly by ESHQ-audits, and through an extensive occupational health reporting system. Selected parameters, which we consider especially significant for occupational health management are part of our Occupational Health Performance Index, established in 2012. With this overriding indicator we measure to what extend we fulfill our internal occupational health requirements. The indicator is also supporting the continuous improvement of our performance on this action field.

Medical emergency management

In case of accidents or medical emergencies at the workplace we want to ensure fast and adequate first aid in order to prevent serious and lasting consequences.

Occupational health & workplace health protection

We aim to avoid work-related health impairments respectively to recognize them at an early stage and we want to guard against occupational diseases.

Workplace health promotion

Our aim is to support our employees in adopting a healthy lifestyle and to prevent avoidable illnesses.